Virgen Maria / Metaglow
A talk with Virgen Maria x Nasty Magazine

Virgen Maria feels 100% virtual and she is not scared to say it. The brutally honest, hyperfeminine performer and DJ whose performances feel like she is coming from outer space unravelling social norms around sex and sexuality. With her straight-forwardness, the artist subverts what it has meant to be an artist and reflects, at the same time, the zeitgeist of our times.

When was Virgen Maria born? What’s her story?

Virgen María was born in 2019 when my account got deleted and I had to create a new one.

Your persona, Virgin Maria, has a strong attitude, a spiritual and meditative approach, and a sexy instinct. I was immediately impressed by the works that you produce starting from music to your artistic performances. Can you describe, instead, yourself in five words?

Porn, clairvoyant, independent, loving, boy.

I feel your work can be interpreted as a political exploitation of social norms. Nowadays, the concept of sexuality is developing into a way of empowering and enriching someone’s soul, instead of being just a way of objectifying the body. What’s your idea around sex and sexuality and how do you approach those in your work?

I love to be the manifestation of the weird deep internet hot bitch archetype. I like sex mixed with “disgusting” things like in Ero guro. 

Spirituality, as well, plays a fundamental role in your work. I read that you became familiar with the practice of yoga from an early age. What’s the importance of meditative practices for you now? And how do you incorporate those in your work?

I’m always meditating focused on being in the present. Training everyday, pole dance at the moment is essential for me as the body is our temple.

What is your creative process when working on a dj set or on a music track? For example, how was G.O.D. born?

I work with my friend Naive Supreme we smoke together and go for it

You have also worked alongside fashion for many projects. What aspect of fashion interests you the most?

The art and beauty.

What is your next personal project you are most thrilled about?

Don’t want to reveal it: always goes wrong if I do.

What are the influences played in your music?

Hardcore, techno, uptempo, reggaeton and many more.

Where do you take your inspirations from?

Internet, life.

What are your ideas around the virtual world we live in? Virgen Maria could be a creature of the metaverse, such as a flesh and soul-made human being who is physically present. I think nowadays our virtual existence is just a way of performing our personalities in Other spaces, such as TikTok or Instagram. You also performed as an hologram across Asia and Europe. How do you resonate with the world of virtuality?

I feel 100% virtual.

You have worked for lots of collaborations. Which one has been your favourite, and which one have you struggled the most to work in?

Can’t remember now but I usually enjoy everything I do.

Could you tell us an unrealised dream that you have had since you were younger? And a major one that has been realized so far?

Can’t remember the first one and the second one would be going on the Playboy jet with my friend Filip Custic.

Muse: @imvirgenmaria
Interview: @strafiko
Art Direction, Styling & Nail Art: @pixel_injection
Creative Producer: @arbo_rama
3D Artist: @reiki.77
Photographer: @pablo__mas
Mua: @digupherbones_
Hair: @pol_guarne